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Q4 2019 Meeting Follow Ups and Presentations 

Nov 14, 2019 02:54 PM

Such a fantastic meeting yesterday. You guys are fantastic! 

A few follow ups that I promised: 
There are some pre-made PCF Controls on this website, in addition to ones that you can create yourself: 

Don't forget about the D365 Saturday held in March at Advanta. There is also one this weekend in Portland if you can make it. Details below:

For those asking about Duplicate Detection, we did not have the ISV in, but rather our member, @Joe Villa presented on his experience with data cleanliness. I believe the name of the company they utilized was "AutoMerge" (correct me if I am wrong).
Here is the contact info from our sponsor presentation from Arbela:

Kimia Moini

Marketing Automation Manager


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