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D365UG/CRMUG individual membership allows you the freedom to take ownership of your individual needs. Connect with other users and see how the user group can help you with your personalized learning. Learn more.


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Your whole organization can benefit through one company membership to the joint D365UG/CRMUG community. Join your community to expand your knowledge, connect with other users, and grow your Dynamics 365 & CRM skills.

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1 - 9 D365/CRM Licenses

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*D365UG/CRMUG is a professional association focused on education and peer-to-peer networking. Due to our mission, recruitment and employment firms, or other job placement agencies do not qualify for membership.

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ISVs, VARs, and ICNs

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Microsoft Team Members around the world can enjoy a FREE D365UG/CRMUG membership. Enjoy all the benefits of the joint D365UG/CRMUG community, including networking and engagement opportunities.

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Microsoft Dynamics MVPs are entitled to a FREE single membership to D365UG/CRMUG for as long as they maintain MVP status. Join the discussion and network with other MVPs and users today!

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