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Members of CRMUG often state the most valuable benefit of their membership is the opportunity to network and interact with like-minded users. CRMUG offers many different approaches to engaging with the greater Dynamics CRM community. Whether you are an introvert preferring the anonymity of your home office or a social butterfly preferring a hand-shake and personal conversations, CRMUG has the venue for you to develop your community of peers.


With hundreds of local Chapter meetings across the country each year, you won't have to drive far to interact with other Dynamics CRM users in your own backyard. Meetings often feature an in-depth look at Dynamics CRM functionality presented from the user perspective and a member showcase allowing you a glimpse into how others like you are using the product. Attendees comment they leave the meeting with new working knowledge of CRM. Chapter meetings are a Member benefit.


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We all have questions, especially when it comes to Dynamics CRM. Rather than paying for support or consulting fees, why not ask your peers? With a CRMUG Membership you have access to the online collaboration tool, allowing you to ask (and answer) CRM-related questions. Members rave how they can ask a question - whether it is process related, technical in nature or seeking advice on an upgrade - and have a full solution (not just an answer) from another Dynamics CRM peer in short order.

Maybe you are a veteran user and have knowledge to share - the CRMUG Community is always welcoming new rock stars! CRMUG Members have full access to submit and answer questions. Non-members are welcome to view existing posts.

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CRMUG offers SIGs for Dynamics CRM users who share a common role, industry, topic of interest or stage of product lifecycle. As a member of CRMUG, you have the benefits of joining as many SIGs as you want to network with your peers with the same commonalities.

CRMUG offers SIGs for Business Users, Administrators, CRM Online, Manufacturing and many more.


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This User Member-only benefit allows you to find other CRMUG community members by geography, industry or role. Perhaps you are looking to connect with another user in your local vicinity or someone in a similar role to share best practices, solve issues or get advice. Your network of peers is key to growing professionally and optimizing your deployment of CRM. Join today to take advantage of this network of knowledgeable CRM users.

Please note, partner community members are listed in the directory but do not have access to search the directory.


Are you looking to add functionality to your CRM instance? Or are you looking for a single resource that showcases a variety of ISV products to help propel your business forward? Using the Partner Company Directory, you can search for Dynamics VARs, ISVs or ICNs who provide services or software solutions relevant to your needs.


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Are you an experienced user of Dynamics CRM? Pay it forward to the CRMUG community, build your network and enhance your professional resume by sharing your expertise. Volunteerism with CRMUG takes on many forms including writing articles, developing and presenting a virtual webinar, speaking in-person at a conference or serving on a committee - to name a few. Join CRMUG today and experience the satisfaction of giving back to your peers.

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