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"A good CRM implementation takes a village. The CRMUG is my village."


Microsoft MVP, CRMUG All-Star and CRMUG Member since 2012




  • 6,347+ Member Companies
  • 76 MVPs 
  • 6 All Stars*

*Since 2014



  • 212 Webinars*
  • 22 Academy Courses*
  • 205 Conference Sessions*
  • 255 Chapter Meetings Annually*

*Based on 2015 offerings



  • 81 Chapter Locations
  • 13,913+ Online Discussions
  • 2 Annual Conferences

"The CRM User Group is a great way to learn about the CRM product and grow from other people's experiences with it."

Kylie Kiser, CRM Specialist, Financial Services Firm, CRMUG DC Chapter Leader


"CRMUG helps users gain a broader picture of the potential uses of the application, increase their support network, and allows for specific CRM skill development."

- Mark Nastri, Customer Experience Manager, Industrial Parts Depot





CRMUG membership allows you to connect, learn, share, and save. Immerse yourself to:

  • Grow Your Dynamics CRM Skills - utilize educational opportunities to grow professionally and become proficient with the Dynamics CRM version you currently use (on-premise or online), prepare for upgrades and find new solutions
  • ​Expand Your Support Network​ - use the online forum to learn best practices and solve issues using the experience of other Dynamics CRM users
  • Collaborate with Other Users - network with other Dynamics CRM users to form collaborative connections locally, globally, and virtually
  • Improve Your Power BI Knowledge - as a paid member of CRMUG, enjoy member access to the Dynamics Power BI User Group (PBIUG). Learn More.
  • Share Your Knowledge - by becoming a CRMUG volunteer to pay it forward to the Dynamics CRM community
  • Provide Product Feedback to Microsoft - the community serves as a collective voice to Microsoft as it relates to the future direction of the Dynamics CRM product
  • Save Money - resolve issues quickly to increase your productivity plus receive 50% off every CRMUG Academy class, $400 off each CRMUG Summit registration and attend Chapter Meetings free of charge


Small Business

1-9 Dynamics CRM Licenses



10-99 Dynamics CRM Licenses


Large Enterprise

100+ Dynamics CRM Licenses


*Company-based memberships. One membership inclusive of all employees.


Partner Members build skills, strengthen their brand, uncover revenue opportunities and increase customer satisfaction by being an engaged member of CRMUG.
Join today to:

  • Enhance Your Professional Skills - build your product and technical skills through the user group educational opportunities; build your leadership skills through volunteer opportunities while paying it forward and earning recognition
  • Build Your Corporate Brand - Gain exposure to new markets and opportunities through events, sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, and establish yourself as thought leaders in your areas of focus and competency
  • Uncover New Revenue Opportunities - prospects and clients learn about new Dynamics ISV products through user groups then work with you to purchase and deploy. Build credibility by actively engaging with CRMUG and promoting your membership status. Prospects want to do business with partners who are active in the CRMUG community.
  • Increase Your Power BI Knowledge - as a paid member of CRMUG, enjoy member access to the Dynamics Power BI User Group (PBIUG). Learn More.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and ROI - increase user adoption and solution loyalty through user education and best practice sharing. Leverage the enthusiasm of the crowd, literally thousands of Dynamics evangelists, to help build solution loyalty among your clients.


Partner Membership

ISVs, VARs, and ICNs


*Company-based memberships. One membership inclusive of all employees.


CRMUG is a professional association focused on education and peer-to-peer networking. Due to the mission of CRMUG, recruitment and employment firms, or other job placement agencies do not qualify for membership.


Look like a hero to your clients & customers by exposing them to the value of CRMUG.

Membership are available for end-user companies at the following levels based on number of Dynamics CRM licenses:
  • Small Business | 1-9 Licenses = $400 annually
  • Mid Market | 10-99 Licenses = $700 annually
  • Enterprise | 100+ Licenses = $1,200 annually

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Microsoft Team Members around the world can enjoy a FREE CRMUG membership. Enjoy all the benefits of the CRMUG Dynamics CRM community, including networking and engagement opportunities.

  • Engage Directly with End-Users - gain visibility into the real-world application of CRM, and receive product feedback and requests to help develop requirements for future versions of the product
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction - user group involvement positions the value of Dynamics CRM in a non-sales environment and increases customer loyalty through early engagement and education
  • Solicit Customer References - every day thousands of Dynamics CRM users interact via the user group commuity and organically promote the value of Dynamics CRM
  • Promote New Product Releases - increase user adoption (and word of mouth marketing) of new releases by promoting new functionality within an engaged group of Dynamics CRM end-users
  • Build Brand Ambassadors - user group involvement facilitates peer-to-peer connections, career development and collaboration which leads to a strong community of brand ambassadors


Microsoft Dynamics MVPs are entitled to a FREE single membership to CRMUG for as long as they maintain MVP status. Join the discussion and network with other MVPs and users today!

  • Enhance Your CRM Skills - build your product and technical skills through the user group educational opportunities
  • Develop Leadership Skills - through CRMUG volunteer opportunities while paying it forward and earning recognition
  • Collaborate with CRM Users - network with Dynamics CRM users to form collaborative connections locally, globally and virtually
  • Maintain MVP Status - engage in the community to fulfill MVP requirements by leading education sessions, answering questions on forums, and presenting at conferences