CRMUG Ohio (Toledo) Chapter Meeting - June 2019

When:  Jun 19, 2019 from 08:30 AM to 11:45 AM (ET)
Associated with  US - Ohio (Toledo) – CRM
Come join us for our June CRM UG Toledo Chapter Meeting.
We are meeting at Libbey Glass, we will have presentations and a plant tour.


8:30 – 9:00 – Light breakfast provided by Panera

9:00 -  9:05 – Dave Anderson - Intro to Libbey

9:10 – 9:20 -  User Group business update

9:20 – 10:30 – Presentation by Brian Baily, PowerApps Specialist from Microsoft

10:30 Leave for plant tours


Introduction to Power Platform

-Clarity on what the Power Platform is

-How CE fits in the Power Platform along with Flow, Power Apps, CDS, etc…

-Considerations for managing Power Platform

oEnvironment Strategy

  • Administrative Controls
  • What Users can do
  • What controls you do have over what Users can do

Parking is available in the parking garage next to the site, parking fees to be paid by attendee. 

Some tour specifics.  Please read and understand all rules, safety of us as guests is critical, and as guest we need to honor our host sites needs,    Please ask questions prior to arriving. 

Visitor Safety Rules

Welcome to Libbey Glass … America’s Glassmaker Since 1818. We are pleased to have you visiting and hope you enjoy your time with us.

Before you tour our facility, we would like to make you aware of the following safety rules to assure your safety and that of our employees.
All visitors are required to sign in and obtain a visitor badge, which must be visible at all times. The visitor badge must be returned to the guard when exiting the facility.

Remain with your tour guide or host at all times. Walk in designated walkways.

If you require first aid or emergency medical assistance, call extension 2302 on any plant phone and describe the emergency.

Safety glasses with side shields must be worn at all times except in offices, conference rooms and the cafeteria.

You will be provided with hearing protection, which must be worn in most areas of the plant. This requirement applies regardless of time spent in the area.

Proper footwear is required. At minimum footwear with a leather sole or dense rubber sole of at least ¼” thickness and which have hard leather tops and sides. No open toe, heel, exposed instep, moccasin, sports type shoe (excepting ASTM F2413 compliant), deck or boat shoe, pump, or any shoe determined to be too thin or soft to afford adequate protection
are not permitted outside of the administrative building.

Hard hats are required in certain areas of the facility. These areas are designated by signage indicting their need. Compliance is mandatory.

Forklifts and other powered vehicles are moving materials throughout the plant. Be alert to their travel and use caution at all intersections.

Legs, ankles and tops of feet must be covered (no shorts or skirts.) Any loose clothing that could get caught in a machine should not be worn (scarves, loose shirt tails, sleeves, etc.) Neckties should be tucked into shirts or secured with a tie clasp.

In the unlikely event that the alarm system should sound, follow the instructions of your host.

Smoking is not permitted, except in designated locations.

Cameras are not permitted in the plant, except with permission from the Plant Manager.

Cell phones are not permitted. Please turn your cell phone off
when in the plant, excluding offices.

Fire, open flames, welding, brazing, soldering, cutting or any spark inducing activity requires a valid work permit issued by plant maintenance.

Animals are not permitted within the plant or unattended in vehicles.

Food and drinks must be consumed in designated areas (canteen, cafeteria, or conference room with permission).

Juveniles under the age of 18 years old are not permitted within the plant gates unless permission is granted by the Plant Manager. This also applies to any vehicle that enters the plant gate(s).

Please obey all written signs. Note Emergency Exits.

There is mandatory reporting of suspicious behavior, persons, theft, cyber espionage or crime, sabotage, vandalism, and any form of harassment.

Public vehicles within the plant follow the same traffic rules as in USA/Ohio traffic laws.

It is prohibited to transport passengers in company vehicles not intended for passenger transport (i.e. forklifts, loaders, etc.).

It is prohibited to touch any machine, installation or product without the permission of your company contact person(s).

High Visibility jackets must be worn in the Distribution Centers.

Libbey is not responsible for the loss or damage of visitor property.

Security has the authority to examine your hand luggage or any other portable container.

Security has the authority to examine your vehicle if brought beyond the security gate(s).

The use, handling or possession of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to enter the facility.

The use, handling or possession of weapons is strictly prohibited.

Report any observed near miss, accident, injury, incident or dangerous condition to your plant contact. An incident report must be completed by the contact person for every report. Report all environmental incidents, spills, to soil and/or water to your contact person upon discovery.

Additional Shoe Policy Information


Libbey Inc,
300 Madison Ave.
7th Floor, Winchester Conference Room
Toledo, OH 43604


Jennifer Codding
[email protected]