Pay Forward Your Knowledge and Experience


As a community built by users for users, D365UG/CRMUG relies strictly on Members' volunteer efforts to help us grow and flourish. The D365UG/CRMUG Volunteer Program provides an avenue for community members to get further engaged by sharing their time and talents while developing personally and professionally, making a meaningful impact, and being recognized for their valuable contributions. Help build the quality programming and experiences your User Group needs to thrive; get started as a volunteer today!


Get started with these easy steps:

Fill out your Volunteer Profile. This tells us how you'd like to volunteer your time, any specialty focus areas, and some general information about your expertise in Dynamics 365 & CRM. 

Volunteers have the opportunity to help influence the D365UG/CRMUG community in four ways:

  • PRESENT virtually in webinars or in person at conferences or local Chapter meetings
  • SERVE on a board or committee, lead a Special Interest Group (SIG), join a Chapter leadership team, or assist at conferences
  • WRITE a magazine article, Tip Sheet, or volunteer testimonial


After you complete your Volunteer Profile, we'll follow up with you to discuss your involvement and explore opportunities matching your areas of interest. You'll also receive and email invitation to join the virtual D365UG/CRMUG Volunteer Community. There you'll network with other volunteers and access a variety of valuable resources to connect you with opportunities of interest and develop you in your role.


As a volunteer, you play a vital role in building a strong and valuable D365UG/CRMUG community. You will earn points for each volunteer activity you contribute during the annual program year (September 1 - August 31). The more you participate - the more points you earn!  

Click a volunteer category to see related activities and point totals. 

  • Chapter Meeting = 75 points
  • Conference = 125 points per conference
  • Virtual Event (such as a webinar or SIG meeting) = 75 points
  • Academy (virtual) = 100 points
  • Academy (onsite) = 125 points
  • Board Member = 200 points per term
  • Chapter Leader, Co-Leader, or Programming Chair = 150 points annually
  • Chapter Support (VP membership, VP communications) = 100 points
  • Committee Member = 100 points
  • SIG Leader or Co-Leader = 100 points
  • SIG Support = 75 points
  • Onsite Conference Assistance = 75 points
  • Magazine Article = 50 points
  • Tip Sheets = 50 points
  • Volunteer Testimonial = 20 points


D365UG/CRMUG wants to thank you for your contributions to the community by recognizing your commitments. Please note, while everyone can earn points only paid Members will receive recognition at the levels below. 

D365UG/CRMUG User Members will be recognized at three award levels based on their contributions to the community during the recognition year (September 1 - August 31), and Partner Members will be recognized at one award level. 

As a community built by users for users, we rely on the volunteer efforts of users like you to help us grow and flourish. Thank you for contributing to the D365UG/CRMUG Community!


Let us know how you would like to contribute to the D365UG/CRMUG community. You will need to be logged in to the site to see the form.


Q. I am a VAR/ISV Partner. Can I contribute as a volunteer?

A. VARS and ISVs are welcome to participate in the User Group as members and volunteers. Many times, partners have some of the best expertise to share. We work hard at making our activities comfortable for all members in a learning environment. Members do not want to feel uncomfortable with “sales talk” during sessions, but, they do want to work with smart people. When leading a breakout session, webinar, or other speaking engagement (excluding Partner Showcases and Sponsorship opportunities), you must speak as an independent subject matter expert. If a user is interested in your product or services, they are free to ask separately. In addition, distributing materials of any kind in the session is prohibited.


Q. Will my presentations be recorded?

A. In most cases, D365UG/CRMUG will record sessions and presentations, making them available to members at a later date. In all cases, the content presented during User Group sessions becomes the intellectual property of Dynamic Communities, Inc. Volunteers must ensure that the content in their presentations/contribution:

(i) Do not infringe any third party Intellectual Property or other proprietary rights;
(ii) Are free of any confidential information;
(iii) Do not contain libelous or unlawful matter that may cause harm or injury; and
(iv) Violate any right of privacy or other right of any person.


Q. Do I get paid for contributing as a volunteer?

A. It should be understood that volunteerism within D365UG/CRMUG is a contribution by the individual to the community and should not constitute employment and that no fees are paid for this service.