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Tracking Intended email recipients web activity

  • 1.  Tracking Intended email recipients web activity

    Posted May 31, 2022 10:14 AM
    Edited by Nick Garza May 31, 2022 11:47 AM

    How do most in the industry handle the following scenario:

    Tracking the appropriate intended recipients web activity without having them log into a website after having sent an email with links to their website?

    problem scenario: If a recipient receives an email from us and chooses to forward to another unintended person.

    1. we want to ensure we are capturing the intended recipients web activity.
    2. we'd like to also know who the "new lead" forwarded recipient was and capture their web activity


    Option A: We want to confirm it is the appropriate recipient engaging with the content.

    • present the user upon visiting the website url with a "confirm your email address" 
      • pro's:
        • we know exactly who the intended recipient is and potential new lead
      • cons:
        • we lose them and they do not wish to enter their email address as a confirmation (is this worth the risk?)


    Option B: We choose to track the recipient based on the opening of the url and logging as the intended recipient.

    • automatically assume it's always the intended recipient opening and viewing the url
      • pro's:
        • nothing visibly changes to the users
      • cons:
        • unintended recipients could have received as a forward and we incorrectly track activity as intended recipient. (is this worth the risk?)


    Are there other Options we're missing?

    Nick Garza
    SR. Developer Analyst

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