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Total booking duration rollup to service line

  • 1.  Total booking duration rollup to service line

    Posted Oct 26, 2022 01:26 PM
    Need some guidance please!

    When Bookings are closed on a Work Order, the duration of those bookings are summed up and entered as a total on the Work Order Services line.  As each new booking is completed, this total updates.

    What we are now seeing is that the security rights of the user can influence this process.  If the "Read" rights on the "Bookable Resource" line is set to "User", the process summing up the booking duration only includes that user's bookings.  If a user has a security role with the same rights set to "Business Unit" the process sums up all the bookings within the business unit.  This can cause the total to be incorrect if there is more than one user being assigned a booking on the same work order.

    It seems to be acting like a Workflow that is set to "Execute as the User who made changes to the record".  If instead it ran as "Execute as the owner of the workflow" this wouldn't be a problem.

    But, I cannot find a Process / Workflow that is performing this task.

    We would prefer to keep the users at the "User" level for the Security Role and update the process to sum all booking durations.

    Thoughts on where to find the process for this? 

    Many thanks!

    Paul Richards
    BlueCrest Inc

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