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    Posted Jul 03, 2022 02:05 AM

    In Telecom products/services, the products defined for each speed, example : Fiber 100 Mbps, Fiber 200 Mbps , Manged WiFi as value added service , IP-VPN etc, the customer has contract/s (as a complex products hierarchy structure) , let us say a bundle product for internet service that contains line speed(internet bandwidth), also it contains IP address, promotion/s etc , within this bundle some products are required and others are optional but the whole bundle has a service Id or code as an identifier and for billing integration code.

    Each product inside the bundle may have a workflow for installations ( I will handle this business process through an activity template for each product and a activities sequences and dependencies will defined in a special setup , the activities examples: "Verify Order Commercially", "Assign Service Id" , "Check Technical Availability", "IP Provisioning" , and "Call Customer" etc.

    When order fulfilled, we send the order items to billing system and also we add them to asset custom entity.

    After a month(as example) may be the customer requests to customise his installed assets(services) , for example: upgrade/downgrade speed or add an extendable promotion, i.e: Remove the product "Fiber 100 Mbps" and Add a product "Fiber 200 Mbps" .

    Is the above business case scenario applicable in out-of-box or is it a customised that it needs a heavy development? Do you have ant success telecom implementations?

    Ahmed Azzam

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