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  • 1.  Introduction

    Posted Jul 27, 2022 05:20 PM
    Hi to the group -  I just joined this group, I notice there has not been any active discussions for about a year -  just seeing if I may be missing something or if the group is still active?  - Thanks!

    Gerry Pagano
    VP Business Development
    AutoPylot Technologies


  • 2.  RE: Introduction

    Posted Jul 28, 2022 11:40 AM

    Great to have you. Yes, it has been a while since this group has met and or even had any activity. Seems the Northern California area is not all that active. I was the Sacramento chapter lead for 3 years with a couple other gentlemen. It was always a struggle to get attendance. 

    Anyway - it is good to see some activity on this page. Hope it will stir our community and get things going in the right direction. What version of CRM are you running?

    We are online with most current version. We use CRM to manage our membership & communications. I am the Solution Architect / Admin. 

    Hope to talk more. Cheers!!

    Anthony Roth
    Director of Business Systems
    California Hospital Association
    Sacramento CA

  • 3.  RE: Introduction

    Posted Aug 01, 2022 09:45 AM
    Hey Anthony -  nice to virtually meet you -  We're a small start up - actually an ISV, (just renamed our company AutoPylot) -  our solution is targeted to the Dynamics community.  we are also using Dynamics as our CRM to manage our business -  which is a bit of learning experience as I've always used Salesforce -  but I'm finding Dynamics very similar and seems to be fitting our requirements well so far.

    Gerry Pagano

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