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Dynamics 365, PowerApp, Flow, and CDS Working Together

Dynamics 365, PowerApp, Flow, and CDS Working Together

March 15, 2018

PowerApps, Flow, CDS - PowerApps can be used to easily extend out the D365 platform into mobile specialized apps, and also reach beyond D365…

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New or Forgotten CRM Features

New (or Forgotten) CRM Features

May 16, 2017

Demo and discussion of the latest capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Gain a rapid overview of Dynamics 365, Project Service, Fantasy Sales Team..…

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Connecting Power BI

Connecting Power BI to On-Premise Dynamics

January 13, 2017

Explore options for connecting to your On-Premise CRM and ERP data using Power BI. Once connected, we will create a few joined datasets.…

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Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration for Dynamics 365/CRM

May 25, 2017

Release changes more frequently in a consistent and reliable way. Save time and eliminate repetitive and manual build/release tasks...

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