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Dynamics 365, PowerApp, Flow, and CDS Working Together

Dynamics 365, PowerApp, Flow, and CDS Working Together

March 15, 2018

PowerApps, Flow, CDS - PowerApps can be used to easily extend out the D365 platform into mobile specialized apps, and also reach beyond D365…

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Where Do I Go Next as a CRM Admin

Where Do I Go Next as a CRM Admin

February 1, 2018

Go beyond the basics for developing your Advanced Find skills, learning data management techniques along with their advantages and disadvantages…

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    SUMMIT HANGOVER!! It’s a couple of days after Summit 2018 in Phoenix and if you are anything like me, you over-indulged - not just at the partner parties, but also on information! Pre-academy ...


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Tools for the Admin

Focus Search - Tools for the Admin...RE: Tools for the Admin

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Elevaed rights for Admins

Focus Search - rights (not sys admin but close)? Setup users

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