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Your CRMUG Weekly Wrap-Up: CRM 2015 upgrades, CRM Online, SQL, Summit proposals, project management, and leadership

Focus Search - Your CRMUG Weekly Wrap-Up: CRM 2015 upgrades, CRM Online, SQL, Summit proposals, project management, and leadership

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Leadership Training and education for leaders, managers, and executives within Dynamics CRM. Explore Leadership Content Technical Jump in to the technical aspects Dynamics CRM with materials curated for your role

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D365UG CE Denver CO Q4 LUG meeting Recording and Full Deck

Nov. 12th 2020 #CustomerInsights #PowerApps #PowerAutomate(Flow) #UserAdoption #CustomerEngagement #CRM2011 #CRM2013 #CRM2015 #CRM2016 #Admin #Technical #Leadership

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Focus Search - November 12, 2020 - Carrie Kuhl - Valter Herman - Miranda Bender - Erik Guthrie Q4 - Denver, CO WELCOME TO YOUR LOCAL USER GROUP MEETING TODAY’S AGENDA Welcome to Q4 LUG Denver – Leadership Team Dynamic Communities News & Events – Evan Workin, LUG Manager | D365UG/D365UGFO/D365UGCE Educational Session; Dynamic Communities Introduces the Cloud Migration Mentorship Program - Robin Vansteenburgh; Dynamic Communities Introductions Summit 2020 Re-cap Customer Story/Member Showcase; Spectra Logic Launches Re-Vitalized Customer Support Portal - Carrie Kuhl, Support Infrastructure Manager Next meeting Q1 2021: Date and Topics?

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LevelUp Presentations

Let me or anyone else on the leadership team know if you have questions!

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Focus Search - The burden is on US to tell leadership why we want to use this data—and how we need it segmented

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11 Webinars to Elevate Your Career

Dynamics Communities has teamed up with Concordia College Offutt School of Business to provide mid-career managers and high-level performers with practical, real-world skills to advance to senior leadership

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June 11, 2020 Presentation Deck and Meeting Recording D365UG CE/CRM LUG Meeting - Denver, CO

​A tremendous thank you to all who attended our first ever all virtual Local User Group Meeting, and especially to our terrific presenters: @Curtis Sawin @Melissa Erickson @Valter Herman Attached is the presentation deck and GoToMeeting Recording for the Denver, CO D365UG CE/CRM LUG Meeting - June 11, 2020 #CustomerEngagement #D365UG/CRMUG #PowerBI #D365UG/CRMUGSummit2020Nashville #Leadership ​​​​​

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Focus Search - Be sure to fill out the volunteer profile, but if anyone is interested in helping lead or support the local chapter community, you should also speak directly with the leadership team 7 GET INVOLVED What is your volunteer forte?

CRMUG Denver - SAVE THE DATE! Q2 Local User Group Meeting June 11th

On behalf of your entire Local User Group Denver leadership, we hope this announcement finds you safe, well, and adjusting to this new state of normal as best you can.

 Jun 11, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM MT
 Denver CO