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  • Just in case you missed this message in the general forum, see below. This is very exciting for the DMV Chapters because 3 of our Chapter Leaders have been nominated! This is a huge honor and very exciting for our region. So get out there and vote! ...

  • Hi Zhabiz, I agree with Kylie that those are a couple of good tools to use with CRM but is also sounds like you want this for when Doctors and other members are entering their own data into the website/portal. There are a few services out there that offer ...

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  • @Zhabiz Chu - Good question! We struggled with this at my former firm for the exact same reason!​​ In that case, we were more concerned about duplicates so we took a bit of a different approach. Two tools you could look into are InsideView and D&B ...

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  • Hi everyone We have collected free text entry for org names and thus have poor data hygiene in our Accounts data. Does anyone use a data service to standardize organization names? Ideally we can use the data service to both clean up current org names ...

  • Thanks, @Kylie Kiser ! It was a great meeting and it was nice to see some familiar faces. I enjoyed the content and continued exposure to PowerApps. My takeaway is that I need more jokes when presenting and probably a mic. ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you everyone for coming out to our Regional meeting this week! We had a great turnout and lots of interesting content shared! Resources from the event have been posted in the library: PowerPoint Slides and Photo Slide Show . If you attended, ...

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  • Looking forward to seeing everyone! ------------------------------ Aaron Howell Associate Director, CRM Product Management American University ------------------------------

  • The 3rd Annual Regional Chapter Meeting is coming up next week! This is a full-day event full of great content related to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform! The agenda includes breakfast, lunch and these great speakers: App in a Day in an Hour ...

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