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  • Happy New Year Everyone! We are finalizing the details for our the first meeting and we are hoping you can join us on  Friday, February 21, 2020. Agenda 8:30 AM Arrivals & Networking - 9:00 AM Meeting Start Introductions/User Group Information ...

  • The topic of the Unified Interface has been hot one for clients of ours.  In the past week there has been suggested dates set by Microsoft for your environment.  The primary action to take if you haven't already done so is to check your upgrade date in ...

  • I have several peers who have transformed this into slick Microsoft Forms or VoC survey, but you can ask these questions over the phone, in-person or build your own survey on MS Forms . See attached.  Let me know if you would ...

  • I also heard some pain around updates and upgrades,  Please see the below resources and work closely with your partner to plan for updates and what is coming from our product teams in Redmond: Official news/ process from MS: ...

  • Great questions today team! Thank you for coming to the Q4 CRMUG Milwaukee Chapter Meeting. UCI Deadline: Regarding RSM's question regarding the 10/1/2020 UCI deadline, officially MS states "On October 1, 2020, the Dynamics 365 legacy web client, ...

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  • Hello Everyone, We hope you will be able to join us on Friday, November 8th at the downtown Microsoft Office for a great agenda, networking and learning opportunities. We're looking forward to seeing everyone there! >> Register for the Meeting ...

  • I'm attending Summit for the first time and I am traveling alone.  It would be great to see familiar faces during the event. ------------------------------ Margaret Millspaw Madison College Madison WI ------------------------------

  • I'll be there!  I'm certain we'll run into each other.  Looking forward to it. ------------------------------ Pat Kleser Hastings Air-Energy Control New Berlin WI ------------------------------

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    Collaborate with user group participants in and around Milwaukee, WI! Network with others in our area, plan local meetings, share meeting presentations, notes and files, and discuss topics relevant to our local group.

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