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Improving Your Customer Experience by Breaking Down Your Data Silos (July 2020) 

Jul 14, 2020 03:16 PM

Presented by @Niels Kolijn

More than ever, customer-centric teams and marketing teams need to work together in order to achieve business growth. Marketing strategies are becoming more and more focused around the customer journey, and aligned with customer-centric teams to improve the user experience. Integrating tech systems is the key to alignment because it makes everything visible, creating clarity around who is doing what — collaboration and communication heaven!

Digital marketing channels and systems that sit in silos can lead to a disconnect between your audience and brand. Unsatisfactory prospect or user experiences with broken journeys and disconnected messaging across separate channels can impact your brand interaction and long- term loyalty.

Think of technology as the vehicle that helps you to scale your strategy to keep both your customer-centric and marketing teams accountable and focused. In this webinar we will cover a variety of key considerations and tactics you can implement including:
• Breaking down barriers, leveraging data and delivering omni-channel customer experiences
• How to integrate your systems to break down silos
• Partner introduction: Trillium - how Trillium’s clients have improved their member engagement through marketing automation
• User case
• Q&A

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