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Recap on Trek's 8.2 to 9.1 upgrade!

  • 1.  Recap on Trek's 8.2 to 9.1 upgrade!

    Posted Nov 15, 2018 12:29 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to give a recap on our upgrade experience this last weekend now that we have gotten through the urgent issues.

    My background:
    I've been a C# and CRM Developer since 2011 and started working at Trek in 2017 as a CRM/Biz App Admin and Dev.  Our team is small and we often make small quick solution updates to production instance even during the day.  This was a shock to me when I came over to Dynamics 365 at Trek. I had come from an CRM 2015 On-Premise and we had a TWO WEEK release cycle.

    Background on upgrade:

    In August we created a full copy of our 8.2 prod Dynamics 365 online instance.  In September we were able upgrade the copied instance from 8.2 to 9.0 (I will refer to it as 9.1 going forward).  We set the date of our Production update to November 10th.  The majority of our internal teams that use dynamics are Global customer service and Global sales which are both broken up into smaller groups.   We currently have ~ 500 users.


    Necessary work for our upgrade:

    We realized the old mobile app would not work on the 9.1 instance without us upgrading to the Unified Interface.  We took all of our mobile users and moved them over to the new Unified Interface.  Here are some of the tasks I remember.


    1. Create the new UI app and select everything we want to be in it
    2. Update the site map
    3. Add SVG icons for all entities
    4. Update forms to look good in the new mobile client.
      1. In particular we use the new Timeline block. This shows up as it's own tab on mobile and needs to be configured for the Unified Interface.
    5. There was some bugginess in the Unified Interface that I have MS tickets out for (shown below)


    In the legacy interface there was surprisingly little issues that we needed to make updates.  Our plan is to transition over to the new Unified Interface for each of our teams in focused blocks of time.  This includes a lot of our smaller teams that use dynamics.


    The upgrade:

    We were scheduled for release on Friday night at 8pm CST (6pm PST).  We suspended our ETLs to our system and the upgrade concluded around 4am.  We don't have many users over the weekend so I was able to import and publish all of the changes around 8am.   I did some initial testing.  I then went to my daughter's swim meet and returned around 5pm.  I did some more detailed testing on new functionality.


    The upgrade went pretty smoothly.  Most of our remaining issues are in the Unified Interface. 


    Issues on launch:

    Microsoft/Vendor Issues on upgrade

    1. Clearing browser cache
      1. Unless they fix something or your instance is somehow different than ours, every user will need to clear the cache of their browser when they first open the upgraded instance.  Since some of our users often use multiple browsers for multiple reasons, they had to clear the cache on Firefox, IE, and Chrome.  We put up a bulletin after we found out about this.
    2. Data Export Service
      1. I don't know if you use this.  It syncs all of our data out to a data base that we have a lot of reports and functions built off of.  This has had issues since we upgraded.  I had to resync some entities.  It's still acting a little wonky but is working for the most part.
    3. Powerphone by Powerobjects
      1. When a call comes in to our inside reps, powerphone desktop app searches CRM for Accounts and Contacts with that number so the rep knows who they are talking to and possibly what they are talking about.
      2. We were almost finished switching off of this completely so we never reported or fixed the error.  Cisco Finesse (our phone system) uses the internal functionality of powerphone to do the same thing the Powerphone desktop app did.  This was a surprise but was an easy fix.
    4. Mobile
      1. We had some complaints that mobile wasn't working.  We suggested a full uninstall and reinstall of the mobile app.  This worked and there have been no complaints since.


    Outstanding Unified Interface issues:

    1. Related Records Filtering not working in Quick Create for the Unified Interface
    2. Open Record Set (AWESOME FAST FEATURE btw and much better than our Up and Down arrows in the Legacy Interface) when opening from dashboard was only showing the first page of records
    3. Android swiping was unintentionally flipping checkboxes when your finger touches a checkbox when you swipe
    4. Portrait images are coming in rotated to landscape and sideways.  We are still having difficulty getting Microsoft to reproduce this issue.
    5. On a dashboard, in a list, the Quick Find View fields weren't being searched (MS says they are fixing this)

    Other Notes:
    Azure Logic Apps, Power BI Reports, and Azure Functions were (of course) working well once we got our data export service back up and running.

    Let me know if you have any questions on this and if this was helpful!

    I'm also looking to share stories with other users who may be similar to us here at Trek.  Please reach out if you have questions!


    Travis Judd
    CRM Developer
    Trek Bicycle Corporation
    The first step toward cloud success. - Migrate from CRM to D365 with expert guidance from Microsoft. I'm Ready

  • 2.  RE: Recap on Trek's 8.2 to 9.1 upgrade!

    Posted Nov 16, 2018 04:08 PM
    Nice writeup.  I have seen the need to clear the browser cache with multiple customers already after this upgrade.  I know it's happened occasionally for previous upgrades, but am guessing the changes this time were large enough that it's forcing end users to have to get the browser cache cleared before everything starts working again.

    Chad Rexin
    CRM Consultant
    West Fargo ND

    The first step toward cloud success. - Migrate from CRM to D365 with expert guidance from Microsoft. I'm Ready

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