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  • 1.  Field Service 8.4 vs 7.5

    Posted Feb 12, 2019 04:22 AM
    ​Hi all,

    Since November I keep seeing release notes for Field Service 8.4.x.x on the D365CE Team Blog.

    We are still on version 7.5 and I don't see an upgrade to 8.4 anywhere. Going through solutions for our instance(s) as mentioned in the instructions linked in the blog post, I sometimes receive updates for 7.5, but no way to install 8.4.

    Am I checking in the wrong place? Do I have to opt-in somewhere? One of our sandboxes is on April 2019 preview already, but still no Field Service Update.
    Do you experience the same issue? Is it possible that 8.4 is not available in Europe yet?

    Thanks in advance,
    #CustomerEngagement #FieldService #Admin


    Timo Veneman
    Head of Solution Delivery
    Dortmund, Germany

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