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PowerApps license with first-party apps

  • 1.  PowerApps license with first-party apps

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi, my organization is considering possibilities to go from first-party app licenses to PowerApps licenses. When I look at Dynamics 365 restricted entities list, I don't see any of those we use (salesorder, quote, product, account, contact...).

    Does this mean that we can adjust for our salespersons to have per-app license instead of Sales Enterprise?
    Is the problem then in using the out of the box model-driven app? We should be able to reproduce a custom version of it easily... or am I missing something here?

    Thanks in advance

    Zarko Radevic
    Dynamics 365 developer
    Digitale Medier 1881 AS

  • 2.  RE: PowerApps license with first-party apps

    Posted 8 days ago

    Great idea! We've done just this. We created a model-driven app based off the Sales Hub site map. Now the only users in our organization who need full licenses are those who need to manage cases, as that's the only restricted table we use broadly. The neat thing is Power App users can even still create the cases and read them.


    It's a great opportunity to save some good money if you don't rely heavily on things such as goals, forecasts, AI for Sales, etc.


    Chad Althaus

    Solution Architect Low Code Digital Transformation

    Bray International, Inc.

    13333 Westland E. Blvd.

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  • 3.  RE: PowerApps license with first-party apps

    Posted 8 days ago

    I think the key to making this work is a really strong understanding of the Microsoft licensing model and also their charging for resources such as storage for Multiverse data.


    The way I see it, you have four licences that may come into play here:


    "Full Fat" first party apps for your main users

    Teams licences (nothing to do with MS Teams!) that allow read access to restricted entities and update to others but with the limitation of only being able to be used with the Sales Team Member App.  The restrictions on this license are now being enforced.

    PowerApps Per user ($40)

    PowerApps per app ($10)


    So a mix of these four types of licences should allow you to optimise your interaction with Multiverse data for all users in the organisation.  However beware that Microsoft have a history of "clarifying" licencing terms over time and functions seem to get lost from the less expensive licences...


    I'm not the expert on licensing so before you embark on this route, my advice is to understand completely what the implications would be for access to data with each type of licence and any other limitations this may bring.  Someone here may be able to shed light on this point.


    Also be aware of storage requirements.  Some of these licences contribute to increase your storage allowance and some don't.  If the end result is that you finish up with a big bill each month for extra storage, you may be financially worse off!





    Simon West

    Partner, Nett Sales
    Telephone: 01672 50 50 50

    Mobile: 07966 783671


  • 4.  RE: PowerApps license with first-party apps

    Posted 7 days ago
    Simon makes a great point about the storage. Power App license contribute significantly less Dataverse capacity than the full-fledge D365 license. Additionally, there are lower API limits for Power App licenses.

    As for restricted tables, I haven't seen any indication the MS plans to begin restricting any of the core sales tables. I have seen them add some field service tables to the list, though.

    For a full understanding, review the Power App and Dynamics 365 licensing guides. Here's some relevant screenshots, though. The flow chart in the second is really helpful, and it's even what Microsoft says on this matter.

    One other thing to note, too, is that the Power App per app license will only give users access to a single environment.

    Entitlement Summa 
Plans and capabilities 
Run custom apps / 
Connect to your data 
for Power A 
s era 
Run custom apps (both canvas and model driven) 
Access custom portals 
Standard connectors 
Premium connectors 
On premises data gateway 
Custom connectors 
Utilize Common Data Service 
Store and manage data Create and access custom entities (includes complex entities) 
Execute flows 
Per license capacity 
Infuse Al 
Dynamics 365 restricted entities accessi 
Power Automate use rights2 
Classic Common Data Service non real-time and real-time workflows 
Common Data Service Database Capacityg 
Common Data Service File Capacityg 
Daily API request limita 
Al Builder capacity add-on 
Power Apps 
per app plan 
2 apps 
1 custom portal 
Read only 
Within app context 
50 MB 
400 MB 
1,000 UserneedStO 
Figure Team Members e55 to : t03 entities

    Chad Althaus
    Solution Architect Low Code Digital Transformation
    Bray International, Inc.
    Cypress TX

  • 5.  RE: PowerApps license with first-party apps

    Posted 7 days ago
    We generally perform a license health check to ensure our client's have the right amount of each license to maximize both efficiency and savings. Maybe have a conversation with your licensing provider?

    Sarah Weber
    Centric Consulting
    Cincinnati OH

  • 6.  RE: PowerApps license with first-party apps

    Posted 7 days ago
    Thank you all for useful input here!
    I am aware of the limitations regarding storage and API calls. We already pay for a lot of extra storage that the number of GB we get for full licensed user is of much lower cost than the diff between full Dynamics 365 license and PowerApps per app license.

    @Chad Althaus, when you say that user will have access to only one environment, does it mean that user will not be able to participate in sandbox test environment?​

    Zarko Radevic
    Dynamics 365 developer
    Digitale Medier 1881 AS

  • 7.  RE: PowerApps license with first-party apps

    Posted 7 days ago
    Everyone has written to good information, but I would recommend setting up some time with a license expert at Microsoft.   We did and it made all the difference in the world.   We originally were going to use Team Licenses and Full licenses, but found that the Power Apps per App (or Power Apps per User) is a better fit.   The team license had too many restrictions and too hard to maintain for a larger group of users.

    Power Apps per App grants access for 2 Power Apps.   Since we have the 1 model drive app it works for most users.   BUT Zarko asks a good question and we asked the same.   YES the Production Environment App and the Test Environment App counts as the 2 apps.  AND keep in mind that if the user has the 'Outlook' app too then you are up to 3.   Power Apps per user grants access to unlimited apps which is still 1/3 or more cheaper than a full enterprise license.   Also remember there is the Mobile App, so it will count as 4.  We found using the Power App mobile app allows you to pick the app which could then be the full model drive app and not count towards the app limit.

    I do wish there was a reporting for an organization that tells us the number of API calls we have assigned based on our user licenses.   The storage reporting does provide that information, but it doesn't tell you the number of API calls you are granted, only the number used.   Difficult to plan and watch.   I have a monthly task where I review the storage and version information for CRM and all add-ins.  It gives me a good feel for how we are using storage and if we need to adjust or for planning when we refresh our test or dev environments.

    Good luck to everyone when working licenses.

    Jeffrey Brandon
    CRM Specialist
    OB Hospitalist Group

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