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Portal use for D365 - demo and deployment questions

  • 1.  Portal use for D365 - demo and deployment questions

    Posted May 08, 2020 12:01 PM

    I am looking to see if anyone has adopted the use of Portal in conjunction with the D365 environment for something along the lines of a shopping cart experience.

    We want to talk about and see your setup of Portal with some basic sales oriented functionality.

    Our vision is for a product catalog to be presented, with the ability to search and drill down for further details.  If a user is not logged in, they would have a "contact me" page (create a new lead).  If they are a logged in user, the capability for selecting product(s) for quoting or ordering becomes available.  We may want to expose order information similar to the examples of the case management use, and possibly a order it again option.

    We are doing a preliminary review of capabilities to get a feel for the effort and limitations.  Our configuration does not yet make use of Products but can (or possibly in a custom entity), and we have a custom built Order entity.  Opportunities would be the starting point for the quote request.  There could be a need for different product price lists, with one already associated with the logged in user.

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share stories and examples.


    Steve Luc
    TimkenSteel Corporation
    Canton OH

  • 2.  RE: Portal use for D365 - demo and deployment questions

    Posted Jun 02, 2020 04:16 PM
    HI Steve,

    I have done this a few different times in a few different ways, what you are describing doesn't seem too out of the norm.  Alithya has a product that is very similar to what you are mentioning although it uses products and quotes instead of opportunities.

    Love to talk more about it, you can email me at or 330-714-3579.

    Also be careful, it sounds like you are looking for a shopping cart, the transactional component can be difficult make sure you don't find a solution that persists CC numbers, you would generally want to send the order information to something else to handle the transaction and bring back some type of Has indicating the transaction was successful.


    Robert Wittig
    Solution Architect
    Alithya Fullscope

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