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  • 1.  Terracon-arific!!!

    Posted Jun 29, 2018 03:53 PM

    Terracon-arific Meeting!! Thanks Terracon!! What a SAFE and Beautiful setting for our Q2 meeting!! It might have been hot outside, but it was cool, calm and informative inside your office!!

    What is a group? A collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction, mutual influence, common feeling of camaraderie, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals.

    We are such a great group and I say it after each meeting, we are not just a group, not just a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction…..we are friends, colleagues, people who really help each other. I have been in this group a long time and I am always impressed by everyone's knowledge and willingness to share and help the group. So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to our members that attended and take time out of their schedules to meet.  Also, welcome to all our first timers, we hope you come back and keep meeting with us!!

    Our leadership team hopes you all enjoyed the Kingsway Soft demo, the about Terracon (Brandon & Laura please Thank Vanessa) and last but, so good, Laura's presentation and her tip of the quarter!

    Stay connected on, if you need anything please reach out to myself, Laura squared (Laura M. & Laura J.) or John Ross.

    Let us know your ideas, presentation ideas and if you want to help!!

    See you in September, you know summer is going to fly by!!

    Elizabeth Handley-Bauer
    IT System Administrator
    Commerce Bank
    Kansas City MO


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