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    Posted Oct 02, 2018 04:53 PM
    Edited by Seth Bacon Oct 02, 2018 05:02 PM
    Fall is in the air! Days are getting shorter, the beautiful fall mist is in the air, and there is a crispness in the air that came with October. It also means that Summit is just a few short weeks away! Whether this is your first year or seventh year at Summit, wanted to share some friendly tips to keep in mind.

    • Connect with other professionals
      • LinkedIn - be sure that you update your profile so people can connect with you
      • Twitter - Most of the MVPs and Dynamics All Stars have a social presence and Twitter is a great way to follow their conference experience. Twitter is also a great place to reach out and connect through Direct Messages (DM) 
      • Conference App - (coming soon)
      • Business Cards - the classics never die, be sure to bring a stack of business cards to hand out as a quick way to connect.
      • CRMUG Site - last but not least, be sure to connect on the CRMUG site so you can follow each other's posts
    • Divide and conquer by getting a session buddy
      • As @Sarah Schneider mentioned at the last meeting, having a session buddy to help divide up the sessions and sync up later allows you to cover more ground. Your session buddy can be a co-worker, a fellow chapter member, or a new friend. I'm always open for adding another session buddy, so hit me up. :)
    • Networking Events
      • The day doesn't end when the sessions stop. The expo hall is a great place to Network and learn about vendors and partners (Value Added Resellers VARs). Many vendors have created solutions that bridge the gap between requirements and the limitations of Dynamics.
      • Along with the Expo hall, many vendors will be hosting events in the evening so be sure to keep an eye out for them. I am planning on attending ClickDimensions, Cincom & Centric Monday (10/15) so be sure to ping me if you are headed there as well.
      • Many partners (VARs) will be holding events as well, be sure to reach out your partner to see if they are having an event. (If your partner is not holding an event, please reach out and I will work to get you connected to someone.)

    Summit is a place for continued learning and best of all, learning and connecting with other professionals around Dynamics.

    Please feel free to connect with or follow me on Twitter (@SethTBacon) or direct message me if you want my cell number so we can connect.

    Seth T. Bacon
    Seattle, WA

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