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  • 1.  How to provide "Print All" functionality

    Posted Mar 03, 2020 09:44 AM
    We are using Dynamics 365 Online, and we have a requirement to export (for example to Word, PDF, or Excel) all data related to one record.

    For responding to an ATIP (Access to Information) request, our clients would like to have the ability to export all of the data which exists in many tabs/sections on our Main Form, as well as N:1 and 1:N data from related entities.

    I am thinking of trying to produce a canned report in PowerBI, but I am wondering if there are other methods that might be better for this purpose.

    Thank you

    Dave Storey
    Ocean Pearl Consulting
    Nepean ON

  • 2.  RE: How to provide "Print All" functionality

    Posted Mar 03, 2020 04:22 PM
    You could do this with a Word template by creating the template document to replicate all the labels and fields on the main form and then repeating tables with the necessary info from related long as you don't have too many fields you need to display int he related entities - otherwise it might get messy.

    Jill Vazquez
    Technical Specialist - CRM
    Bioventus, LLC
    Durham NC

  • 3.  RE: How to provide "Print All" functionality

    Posted Mar 04, 2020 08:33 AM
    Thank you Jill.  We do have over 200 fields in our main entity, and many more in our related entities, so I will try the SSRS report method suggested by Nick.

    Dave Storey
    Ocean Pearl Consulting
    Nepean ON

  • 4.  RE: How to provide "Print All" functionality

    Posted Mar 04, 2020 08:17 AM
    Hi Dave

    I would suggest writing an SSRS report for this.  It is slightly older technology but it has a lot advantages:
    -it doesn't require any extra licensing
    -while some technical skill is required to create a report, overall, its doesn't require any more skill than creating a canvas Power App
    -you can write a report that you can generate directly within Dynamics 365 based on the context of the record you are viewing (e.g. run the report from the contact record you have open)
    -the output can export to PDF, Word, Excel, etc. 
    -you easily create paginated reports (that can be printed, if required)  Power BI only provides this ability with the premium license.

    The benefit over Word Templates (not a bad suggestion, but want to highlight a few things):
    -it is easy to modify if you add fields (adding a new field to an existing word template is a pain)
    -you can sort data very easily in SSRS 
    -you can more easily view related data (M:1, 1:M, M:M) in SSRS

    One of my most popular blog posts is on how to get started writing SSRS reports for Dynamics 365.


    Nick Doelman
    Microsoft MVP
    Dynamics 365 Specialist
    Nick Doelman Co.
    ottawa ON

  • 5.  RE: How to provide "Print All" functionality

    Posted Mar 04, 2020 08:31 AM
    Thank you Nick, this is very helpful and I will certainly try following the steps in your blog post.

    Dave Storey
    Ocean Pearl Consulting
    Nepean ON

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