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Service Account Owning Records

  • 1.  Service Account Owning Records

    Posted Aug 02, 2019 03:20 PM
    Anyone experienced the issue when a service account creates and owns the records for a business unit, any user in that business unit can create a new record if they update the current record owned by the service account. We have some java script that auto creates records to help the end users. The process is user completed maintenance work in dynamics 365 record auto creates with the service account as the owner...Work Beautifully.

    The issue is when a user completed maintenance work in dynamics 365 save...the new record is never created with the service account as the owner.

    Any idea if we missed something in the role set up?

    Sharee Anderson
    Information Technology Web Applications Manager
    Vertex Aerospace

  • 2.  RE: Service Account Owning Records

    Posted Aug 05, 2019 09:41 AM
    Hi Sharee,

    I am not sure to understand the difference between the 'Work beautifully' process and the issue. Could you precise the expected behavior?

    It seems you want automatically created records to be owned by a service account. I know how to do this from a workflow or a plugin (as execution impersonation can be configured -  the 'execute as' field).

    Using webapi from JScript, you could try using this:

    Fabien Bernard
    CRM Developer
    Montréal QC


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