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  • 1.  Scheduling - In 8.2

    Posted Jun 04, 2019 05:15 AM

    We are using on premise 8.2 and trying to create a service that is offered by multiple resources (in this case users) at multiple locations.  The issue we have is that we need to be able to offer the same service in 2 locations at the same time.  I am struggling to work out if this is even possible.  The issue is that you can only set work hours at a user level and if the user can deliver both services (I think we have to create 2 services) then they can appear to be available in 2 places at the same time rather than just 1.

    So I think the question I am asking is.. can you set the working hours for a user and a service using the old Scheduling engine and if not can it be done in the new universal resource scheduling..



    James Rees
    Senior Systems Engineer
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