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getting creative with transitioning Contracts to new UII

  • 1.  getting creative with transitioning Contracts to new UII

    Posted Feb 05, 2020 10:35 AM
    Is there anyone who currently has contracts set up in CRM? We typically house our signed documents under the opportunity itself but I'm trying to figure out HOW to carry over the history of all of our current documents to the new UI app.

    our set up is that once an opportunity is closed as WON a contract ID # is generated and then a workflow creates the contract and email notifications that go out to everyone. We really only need the contract ID # for accounting purposes and the custom fields we created as Sales person 1,2,3 (which was set up as requested sales person 2,3 from the opportunity form- then I go into the contract form and finalize the additional sales people once approved by manager).

    My thought is that I can just add the custom fields to the opportunity form but not sure how I would transition the requested sales person 2 and 3 that is currently on the Opportunity form now to the "finalized" sales person 2 and 3 we have on the contract form which I manually update once approved. (we do this so users can't just add other reps for commission until viewed and approved).

    Any suggestions would be great!


    Heather L

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