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Nashville Summit 2020 Developer Training

  • 1.  Nashville Summit 2020 Developer Training

    Posted May 01, 2020 01:24 PM
    I'm looking to see if there is any pre-conference developer training that I can offer this year in for Summit 2020 that people would be interested in paying to attend.  Below are some options.  Each would be day long sessions that would be offered as a part of the Pre-Conference Learning.  If you're a developer, I would ask that you respond with your "favorite" topic, as well as the likelihood that your company (or even yourself) would be to attend the course this fall:  

    1. Unit Testing for C# Dynamics 365 CE/CRM/CDS
      1. Designed to give developers the tools and experience needed to start writing and maintaining their own C# unit tests for their projects
    2. XrmToolBox Tool Development 101
      1. Walks through the process of teaching developers how to create their own XrmToolBox Plugin, including tips and tricks when working with WinForms.
    3. Creating Large Maintainable Canvas Apps
      1. Teaches attendees how to create Canvas Apps that follow best practices from an architectural developer perspective.

    If you think I'm missing one, let me know.  And remember, respond with your favorite topic and the likelihood of you attending i.e. "Option 1, 80%"


    Daryl LaBar
    President, MVP
    Gap Integrity
    Fishers IN

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