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OOTB Cases field "Customer Contacted" is MIA

  • 1.  OOTB Cases field "Customer Contacted" is MIA

    Posted Jul 30, 2020 02:48 PM
    We are fairly new to working with Cases, but I was going to add a new field called Contact Customer (yes/no) when I saw that OOTB there is a field called "customercontact".  The mystery to me is that I can see the field in the solution, but it is nowhere to be found if you try to add it to a Cases form or a BPF.   Is it only usable in certain ways?  I see it mentioned connected to Incidents, but we don't do that.  It seems if the field is there, it should be usable anywhere.  Any help solving this mystery is appreciated.  I don't want to create a new field if it is not necessary.  Thank you! #CRM2016​ on Prem #CustomerService

    Ruth Kastberg
    Christian Broadcasting Network
    Virginia Beach VA

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