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CRM to facilitate messges between external parties

  • 1.  CRM to facilitate messges between external parties

    Posted Dec 06, 2019 08:52 AM


    We have some third party contractors who support customers for us. we need to see what they are saying to customers so they currently cc a mailbox with their correspondence.

    We're looking at ways to improve this process and my idea is to 

    • have a web form for support requests which then stores a record in CRM with the request, requestor and then looks up the external person who should provide support.
    • CRM then emails that person with the request and asks them to respond via email to us.
    • when that email is received, CRM compares sender GUID to requestor or support GUID and depending on the match forwards it on to the other person
    • Then loops until support has finished.
    • all emails will be sent from CRM from a generic email address for this department
    The initial web form to CRM is fine. I think I'll then be able to use flow to grab the emails and forward them onto the relevant person. Response and tracking should be be handled by tracking tokens in the normal way.

    However, does anyone have any different ideas for how I could achieve this communication between two external parties whilst storing the conversation in CRM?

    Matthew Slack
    CRM Functional Specialist
    AQA Education Limited

  • 2.  RE: CRM to facilitate messges between external parties

    Posted Dec 06, 2019 01:19 PM
    Edited by Jamie Hirst Dec 06, 2019 01:19 PM
    Hi Matthew

    Hope all is well at AQA.

    Specifically on the approach you propose, I would strongly advise against tracking tokens and instead implement something to recognise the case(or other entity) reference.

    As for other options there are a few different ways I can think of to approach this, all with their own + and - points

    • This is a strong use case for portal, but remember that the 3rd party contractors may need licensing
    • A small model driven app to allow your contractors to access the queries they are dealing with - they would need licensing
    • A 2nd web form as an update form with a (possibly hidden) reference field, in each email provide a link which prepopulates the reference, you could then control how much previous information is sent back out again.
    Hope this helps


    Jamie Hirst
    Functional Consultant
    Hirst Dynamics


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