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  • 1.  3 Dashes On Views instead of Data - Issue - Pls Help

    Posted Feb 05, 2020 04:13 AM

    Hi All,

    Hopefully ​​someone can help. We recently moved to use the new App UI for solution. However since moving to the Apps we have had some issues with some of our views. In the old UI the views work perfectly fine.

    However in the App UI, some views are missing data in the first couple of columns and replacing it with 3 dashes ---. What is strange is, once you go into a record and see the data is there and you come back to the view the data is then shown for that record. The fields in question are either a 'Lookup field' to a joined Entity or is the key field of the entity in question. It is like the view is not fully rendering. I have tried increasing column widths to max but no luck. Has anyone else had this issue.

    This is happening in Dev, UAT and Prod environments. But only on some views, where it makes no sense. Also users have full access to the linked entities.

    Anyone experienced this or know the cause?

    Graham Savill
    CRM Manager
    Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited

  • 2.  RE: 3 Dashes On Views instead of Data - Issue - Pls Help

    Posted Feb 06, 2020 02:47 PM
    Hi Graham

    I've run into this same issue. It happened when the layout part of the View definition included fields not present in the FetchXML.
    The FethcXML part you can download from Advanced Find, but the layout definition you can only see if you export the view in a solution.

    To fix the issue, you can adjust the width of the fields that are missing and save the view, but make sure you do so in the new editor. Not in the classic interface.
    For me, this caused the FetchXML to be updated correctly and included the fields.
    You can also look at updating the views with the FetchXML Builder, or simply recreating them fully in the new interface.

    While not 100% sure, I believe the issue was cause by updating the Views in both new classic interface over the same period of time, or maybe even concurrently.
    It definitely looks like the new UI requires all fields to be included in the FetchXML part, whereas the classic interface was a bit more lenient.

    Ulrik Carlsson
    Sr. Solution Architect | Microsoft MVP | (CRM Chart Guy)
    Petaluma CA

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