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MB-200 Study Group - Session 3 - Managing User Experience

  • 1.  MB-200 Study Group - Session 3 - Managing User Experience

    Posted Aug 12, 2019 09:29 PM
    First two sessions have been great. Looking forward to this weeks session as we dive into Manage User Experience Design.

    Manage user experience design (20-25%)

    Create and configure apps

    • configure settings to meet minimal capabilities
    • configure out of the box and custom items to meet minimal capabilities specified
    • create and configure dashboards
    • create and configure forms
    • create and configure charts
    • create and manage reports
    • create and configure views
    • design site map
    • export or import field translation
    • configure mobile settings

    Create and configure templates

    • identify available templates in Dynamics 365
    • create email templates
    • create Excel templates
    • create Word templates

    Create and manage processes

    • configure a business rule
    • configure a business process flow
    • configure a workflow

    Hope to you see you there.

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    Todd Mercer
    Dynamics CRM Technical Lead
    MD Financial Management
    Ottawa ON

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