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Product Catalog/Price lists and Accounts relationship issues

  • 1.  Product Catalog/Price lists and Accounts relationship issues

    Posted Dec 18, 2019 01:38 PM
    I have created a security role for our organization for a Contractor role - this individual will work for us assigning leads and opportunities to our sales team.  We only want the user to have read access for Accounts/Contacts, and read/write access for Leads/Opportunities.  Nothing else in the system.  However, when I remove the Products from the security role, I get an error when trying to load the Accounts view saying "You do not have prvReadProduct permission to access Product records."  Obviously because this user works outside of our organization (with us and other companies, including competitors), we do not want them to see pricing anywhere in the system.  We've hidden some of the fields and sections with javascript, but can't figure out how to hide all pricing so it cannot be searched.  I think my confusion mainly lies with the fact that I have to allow the user Product read access in order to see accounts at all, which is confusing.  Can anyone shed some light and offer suggestions as to how we can accommodate this user?

    Heidi Wylie
    CRM Administrator
    Lawrence KS

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