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Mobile/Default Views

  • 1.  Mobile/Default Views

    Posted Mar 26, 2020 05:11 PM
    Hi Guys -

    We are implementing the mobile app (CRM Version 8.2, Using a phone) and I have a question about how to set some functionality.

    - On the "Account" form from the web client, you can click the Arrow on the top nav bar by the account name and navigate to "Contacts"
    - In this view, it shows "Contacts Associated View", as you would expect.
    - Going from the mobile app, I click the navigation for "Contacts"
    - Instead, it loads the default view for the entity, "My Active Contacts".
    - In this scenario, I would not want to see the contacts I own, but ALL the contacts belonging to this Account.
    - Essentially, we'd rather click the navigation link on the mobile app and get the "Active Contacts" view or "Active Contacts Associated View".

    **In a perfect world, the above view would be an "Associated" view to that account**

    - We'd rather not change the default view fully because we would want "My Active Contacts" to be the view that shows up in general navigation in

    How can I change the navigation in the "Relationships" section of the mobile form to show an Associated view instead of the default view?

    I feel like I am missing something dumb, but maybe you can tell me!


    Joe Vekich
    SICK, Inc.
    Bloomington MN
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Mobile/Default Views

    Posted Apr 06, 2020 06:39 AM
    Hi Joe,

    You are not missing out anything, it's the navigation of CRM in which I would like to make 2 things clear here:

    1. As you are using CRM version 8.2 which is based on classic UI, where related entities are displayed on click on navigation icon right besides record name. Mobile app of CRM since ages it is based on UCI interface so, navigating to related entities is different over here.

    2. For navigating to related entities in Mobile app, click on ellipses icon → Select contact → Associated contacts view must be visible now.

    Hope this resolves your issue and Microsoft highly recommends to switch from class UI to UCI interface before end of 2020.

    This answer is provided by Kishan Modha, Software Engineer, Dynamics CRM, Synoptek.

    Nandita Nityanandam
    Marketing Head
    Oakbrook Terrace IL

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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