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Quick Campaign Sporadic Performance Issues

  • 1.  Quick Campaign Sporadic Performance Issues

    Posted Jun 12, 2019 09:10 AM
    We are running 2015 On Prem, with the email router service running.  Our users send Quick Campaigns a few times a day without issues.  However, we have been fighting an issue for awhile where some quick campaigns will crawl (only processes a few emails every few minutes).  We have looked at everything we can think of (security, server performance, message content, number of members included in the send, etc.) and still haven't been able to pinpoint anything unique on the Quick Campaigns that experience the slow send speeds.  The only trend I see is that certain users experience the issue more often then others.  I have done a deep review of the affected users setup, template content, and process and can't find anything unique.  The slow speed is visible when monitoring the quick campaign because the counts for No. of Successes increases very slowly...leading me to think CRM is creating the email messages slowly.  When this happens, other Quick Campaigns seem to send at normal speeds concurrently.  

    I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced similar issues and any suggestions on what to do next.

    Scott Egan
    Director of Information Technology
    Schaeffer's Research Inc.
    Cincinnati OH

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