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  • 1.  Allow CRM to point to Government Cloud URL's

    Posted Aug 30, 2019 09:57 PM


    I've run into an issue with a client trying to display Power BI dashboards within Dynamics. 

    We have enabled all permissions and settings and they are able to pull the dynamics data into their Power BI Desktop. However, when we try to access Power BI from within Dynamics, we are able to see the workstations but get a message that "Power BI is currently unavailable please try again later." 

    We've learned that the issue lies somewhere in their Power BI licenses being Power BI Pro for Government Licenses. Thus, they have to access Power BI online via 

    According to the Microsoft rep we've been speaking with "...redirects are not live (and apparently haven't been for some time. You'll need to make sure your CRM can point to the government cloud URLs, to be able to access everything correctly.  

    How would one do this? Is there a way to "Make sure your CRM can point to the government cloud URL's? 

    Any help here would be so very deeply appreciated - I've reached the ends of Google Bing with no idea where to go next!

    #Functional #PowerBI  #Sales #PublicSector​​​​​

    Tiffany Duppong

  • 2.  RE: Allow CRM to point to Government Cloud URL's

    Posted Sep 02, 2019 12:47 AM
    Ah Tiffany. 

    I do like your handle. Although you may need to be MacGyver to fix this one.



    Peter Hale
    Naish Pty Ltd

  • 3.  RE: Allow CRM to point to Government Cloud URL's

    Posted Sep 03, 2019 10:08 AM
    Hi Tiffany,

    A couple of questions:

    1. Where are the current dashboards published to?
    2.What capacity are they created in? (Free, Premium, Pro)
    3. What license type do your users have? (Free, Premium, Pro)
    4. Are you trying to embed the dashboards within Dynamics? (This isn't currently allowed in GCC)
    5. Are you sharing the dashboard link or app link?
    6. What does your tenant structure look like?


    Alex Mazurkiewicz
    Pratt & Whitney
    East Hartford CT

  • 4.  RE: Allow CRM to point to Government Cloud URL's

    Posted Sep 03, 2019 01:26 PM
    Edited by Tiffany Duppong Sep 03, 2019 02:22 PM

    @Alex Mazurkiewicz

    Thanks for reaching out!

    1. If the publishing location needs to be set from the desktop, I believe it would be published to the "regular" powerbi. However, if I log in to I can see and access all of the workstations and dashbords there. 

    2. I believe they were originally created in either Free or Premium. They have only recently switch to Pro. 

    3. The user who created the dashboards has Pro. However, she had, I believe, Premium, when the dashboards were created.

    4. Yes. ... What, if anything, can we do with GCC?

    5. What do you mean by "sharing?" I don't have anything pointing at that app link.

    6. I hope this answers your question: They are currently using Dynamics for Sales, but will be upgrading to Enterprise later this year. 

    Tiffany Duppong

  • 5.  RE: Allow CRM to point to Government Cloud URL's

    Posted Sep 03, 2019 04:01 PM

    I've done some more research.

    I found the following article, which doesn't mention not being able to embed to dynamics, but does mention a work around for Sharepoint: 

    I then found this article, which DOES mention not being able to embed to dynamics: 

    The first article mentions a work around for Sharepoint

    1. Do you know if there's a similar work around for dynamics? I can't find one, but it can't hurt to ask!

    2. In theory (and I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this) I could embed a PowerBI Dashboard into Sharepoint, using that work around, and then use an Iframe within dynamics to show that Sharepoint url. Any thoughts on this? 

    Tiffany Duppong

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