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Funnel Charts - change category field

  • 1.  Funnel Charts - change category field

    Posted Jul 20, 2020 09:38 AM
    I need to create a system dashboard similar to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Social Overview dashboard with the exception of I need the funnel chart to be categorized by the Weighted field.  I can't see where I can change the field.  Is this possible?

    Karen Bebow
    Information Systems Manager
    Powell Fabrication & Mfg LLC
    St. Louis MI

  • 2.  RE: Funnel Charts - change category field

    Posted Jul 21, 2020 08:39 AM
    Hi @Karen Bebow,

    Great questi​on. If you know how to edit charts and dashboards already, skip to step #8. If you need a full walk-through to made changes to the dashboard, follow all the instructions below.

    Note that things may be in slightly different locations depending on which version of D365 you're using.

    Also note that I'm going to walk you through doing this with a "My Chart" and "My Dashboard" rather than System Charts & Dashboards. For other users to see what you create, you will need to share the updated chart and dashboard with them. Or you can follow a similar process to update the system charts and dashboards.

    1. First, you'll need to create a copy of the chart (in this case the funnel) that you want to modify. Because this chart is made using the Opportunity list, you'll need to go there. So navigate to Opportunities.
    2. Click "Show Chart" to show all the available charts for Opportunities.
    3. Click the down arrow next to the name of the chart.
    4. Go to the dashboard you want to modify (it may be named "Sales Pipeline").
    5. Click the 3 dots near the title of the chart and then select "Save As"
    6. Give it a new name such as "Sales Pipeline - Weighted Revenue" and click "Save"
    7. Now, from your new chart, click the 3 dots again (as you did in step #5) and click "Edit"
    8. Under the Legend Entries, change the "Est. Revenue" field to whatever you're using for "Weighted Revenue".
    9. Click Save and Close.
    10. Now you just need to update your dashboard to show the new chart. Just like charts, system dashboards can't be modified. So you'll need to start by creating a copy of the system dashboard.
    11. Navigate to the dashboard you want to modify and click the "Save As" button.
    12. Give your new dashboard a name and click "Save"
    13. Now click the Edit button above your newly created dashboard.
    14. Click on the funnel diagram and then click the "Edit Component" button.
    15. On the Chart Options area, change the Default Chart to your newly created chart (it will appear under My Charts), then click OK to close the dialog box.
    16. Click Save and then Close to save and close the dashboard editor.
    You should now be done. You may need to navigate away and back to your dashboard to see the changes.

    Remember if you want other users to see the chart and the dashboard then you'll need to navigate to the chart and share it, and navigate to the dashboard and share it too.

    The numbers in the image below correspond with the steps outlined above - I've tried to capture the potentially trickier steps.


    Geoff Ables, MVP, MCT
    C5 Insight

  • 3.  RE: Funnel Charts - change category field

    Posted Jul 30, 2020 08:40 AM
    Geoff - this is awesome!  I can't think you enough!

    Karen Bebow
    Information Systems Manager
    Powell Fabrication & Mfg LLC
    St. Louis MI

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