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Portals Charts - executing javascript once the Chart has loaded

  • 1.  Portals Charts - executing javascript once the Chart has loaded

    Posted Jul 02, 2020 04:45 AM

    We are utilising display of a chart onto a Portal but need to change the x-axis label to something more meaningful to our portal users.

    We have found out how to update the x-axis label via javascript but I am looking for how to make sure the script doesn't execute until the charts finish loading on the page.  

    Currently i am using setTimeOut function on our sandbox but not ideal - any suggestions for something better would be much appreciated!

    Other methods tried so far:

    • We tried updating the chart xml, but this only displays in CRM.  The portal still shows the original label for the x-axis.
    • $(document).ready(function () is too early (the DOM is ready before the charts load, and so the scripts execute before the label is present to be updated).
    • Doing a custom chart per this article seems overkill when the only issue is the x-axis label, although maybe I am missing a shortcut:

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    Robert Ward
    Chubb Australia

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