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anyone else experiencing browser issues with CRM and workflows

  • 1.  anyone else experiencing browser issues with CRM and workflows

    Posted Nov 22, 2019 03:35 PM
    I've been working on a project and testing has been working fine using Firefox (my go-to) however, yesterday I started experiencing very slow lags, freezing, duplicates etc and more importantly my workflows were breaking. My autogenerating calculated field wouldn't work and my test emails wouldn't go out. I cleared my cache, confirmed everything was showing "succeeded" in the process side and then I tried Chrome. Everything seemed to work again, until now. I am experiencing the same issues while testing these workflows out.

    My other concern is my end user needs to send "real time" emails out for updates regarding cases. I built the workflow to send emails out but I am not receiving them when sent to my work email, only my personal one. I dont know if it is a server issue or something else? I know it can take up to 15 mins to receive emails.

    I was using Chrome all day today and just switched back to Firefox to see if I can try another test email.

    Heather L
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