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    Posted Jul 30, 2020 02:53 PM


    We are running Dyn365 onPrem with the Email-router.

    We are currently using a User and a Queue that both have the same email address.

    • The User is needed to send email via ClickDimensions (from)
    • The Queue is needed to receive replies from the recipients


    We are running into an issue where some of the incoming emails fail to be directed to the queue by the email router and then block the queue completely after a while. According to MS support, this is because they don't support having the same email address used by a User and  by a Queue!

    We are trying to find a way around this. One way is to change the email address of the User and find a way to get the replies into CRM without using a queue (otherwise we are back to our original problem).

    Question: Is this even possible? Our understanding is that we need a queue in order to process incoming emails?

    Or is it possible to have the email router store the emails in CRM for this User without using a queue?



    Christian J. Betrisey
    Software Developer
    American College of Emergency Physicians
    Irving TX

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