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Click Dimensions Issues - On-Prem

  • 1.  Click Dimensions Issues - On-Prem

    Posted Jun 12, 2019 03:36 PM
    We are starting to lose hope in Click Dimensions and wondered if there are any other organizations having issues with Click Dimensions for your On-Prem Dynamics instance.  We are on version 2015, everything was fine until around October 2018.  Our servers are getting such a high volume of responses to some sort of query from Click Dimensions/Azure to our server when we have the IP addresses for "Email Sends" and "Email Events" open for traffic. (we currently have them blocked so we can use our MS Dynamics)  When we have the IP addresses unblocked internally on our firewall, within minutes our CPU usage is so high that our users can't even get a screen pop with incoming calls.

    We are now unable to send emails, and unable to get analytics from any emails we have sent.

    We opened a ticket with CD, they recommended we look at our servers, and our partner should do that as it's "out of their scope".

    We have had our partner look into the server with our DBA and they both state the server is set up as recommended and runs fine UNTIL the IP addresses are unblocked, then the server crashes.

    We told CD this but they are denying it's anything they have done causing the query, and that we should have our partner look into it on our server.

    See where this is getting us? A circle of never-ending finger pointing without a resolution.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or similar? How did you resolve? Who did you contact?

    At this point we are seriously looking at our other options for a MA solution, and open to both solutions and recommendations from anyone that might have experienced this with CD, or if you have another marketing automation tool to recommend we would appreciate that.

    Thank you

    Tim Dailey
    Sr Marketing CRM Administrator
    Starkey Hearing Technologies
    The CRM Dude (freelance consultant)
    Eden Prairie MN
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Click Dimensions Issues - On-Prem

    Posted Jun 13, 2019 04:38 AM
    Hi Tim,
    your experience sounds awful. We have also issues with records returned from Click Dimensions but not as hugh as your problem.

    We have a delay in getting Email Events and Email Sent records returned to our CRM. We are currently 7 days behind. That is causing problems for reporting and campaign automation flows. We received the same answer that it is our servers and we went through all (ADFS, Proxy, SQL). We have just upgraded the SQL server and have increased the threats ClickDimensions sends data. I am monitoring if we will get the records within the expected time now.
    I have to say that we are a heavy customer sending aprx 90 million emails/year creating a lot of data traffic of course.
    Another thing we found out is the usage of complex dynamic marketing lists when sending emails. Don't know if that is a matter on your side.

    Ask Click Dimension to lower the threats they are sending email events and email sent to your server and if they can set the priority for these records down. Is the ClickDimension traffic running on a backend CRM or on the same as the UI?

    Axel Girgensohn
    Dynamics CRM Specialist
    Aller Media AB

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 3.  RE: Click Dimensions Issues - On-Prem

    Posted Jun 13, 2019 05:54 AM
    I saw the same experience with CRM 2016 On-Prem. CPU usage were so high to the point where we needed to do a server reboots. Once the server was back online we then started seeing high bandwidth usage which affected other applications on our network.

    ClickD support did point the finder at our servers and asked that the network team check to be sure our firewall was configured correctly. This lasted for about a year until a few months ago we switched to Act-On and no longer having these issues in our CRM environment.

    I must say if you decided to make a switch be sure feature being used is available in the new Marketing Automation tool you choose. ClickD has some great features yet the lack of support made it easier to make the switch. I get the sense that they have grown so much they cant support customers like they used to.

    Good luck.

    Krishna Jacques
    CRM Specialist
    Rumsey Electric Company
    conshohocken PA

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 4.  RE: Click Dimensions Issues - On-Prem

    Posted Jun 13, 2019 08:31 AM
    It is entirely possible Click Dimensions may not be responsible in the sense that their system is only doing what it is supposed to do.
    Here's a couple of questions for you:
    1. How is your CRM environment set up?  Are you using a single CRM server, or is your CRM implementation broken out (i.e. do you have front-end, back-end, asynchronous service server, database server, etc)?
    2. Did you recently implement any customizations such as background processing workflows or plugins?

    The reason I ask about how your system is set up is because for a previous employer we ran into something similar, although not with using Click Dimensions.  We had integrated our website with CRM, and the single server implementation we had couldn't handle all of the integration calls the website was making to get CRM data.  We ended up setting up two additional front-end servers to handle the website requests, and this alleviated the performance issues our primary back-end server had.

    Regarding the background workflows and plugins, if there are any recent additions, you'll want to make sure they aren't introducing infinite-loops causing unnecessary processing.  I'd recommend looking at any plugins or workflows that touch the entities related to Click Dimensions such as any of the Click Dimensions custom entities, the Contact entity, the Marketing List entity, and the Campaign entity.

    I would also recommend checking to make sure that trace logging isn't turned on, and that your system jobs are getting cleaned regularly.

    Pheng Yang
    Sr. Programmer Analyst
    Edina Realty
    Edina MN

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 5.  RE: Click Dimensions Issues - On-Prem

    Posted Jun 14, 2019 08:42 AM
    I had very similar issues implementing CD for an on-prem client without IFD enabled. I had the same experience others allude to. CD support was not good at all, blame was placed on the client (CD had me ask them to check their firewall 4+ times).

    In the end, the project failed and my client reverted to their original EA software (HubSpot).

    1. In terms of who to contact, get with your project success manager of the CD implementation. CD only got serious when I told our project success manager that the failure of the implementation was imminent. Only then did they get developers involved to troubleshoot the connection.
    2. In terms of how to handle support, I had to get kind of mean and tell them I wasn't going to ask the client to "check the firewall" (a fifth or sixth time) unless I had they had a compelling reason that I do so. I also had to threaten that the project in serious jeapordy if they didn't respond in a more timely fashion. This wasn't even a threat, actually, it was the reality.
    3. In terms of other EA software: HubSpot is good. But the downside is managing two datasets and syncing between systems. You always have issues with data that's out of sync. MailChimp is okay, but is a lightweight solution IMO.

    Final thought: CD is a good solution for online deployments. I've had a very good experience deploying CD for another client who is online. I can't recommend it for on-prem though.

    Good luck with handling the problem, let us know if you get it resolved!

    Philip Frederick
    Technical Consultant
    TrellisPoint, LLC
    Blue Ash OH

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 6.  RE: Click Dimensions Issues - On-Prem

    Posted Jul 02, 2019 01:26 PM
    Edited by Brooke Browne Jul 02, 2019 01:26 PM
    Tim, I can't help in this thread unfortunately, because I'm not on-prem. However, for what it's worth, we still encounter problems with CD not doing as expected on nearly a weekly basis. Not sending emails as well, saying Microsoft/Azure changed something that affected CD's ability to execute. While your on-prem issues may be specific to your setup, sadly, they are just not performing at the quality of service and stability that is expected, no matter what Dynamics version you have.

    A great example - without notice, they shut down the community forum on Sunday, citing it was the place to go to for support, and that's not needed anymore. I'm confused, because I thought a community forum was a place to engage with other users, and it was NEVER advertised as the place to get support - that's what tickets are for. The fact they shut it down without any warning or time to view your threads, or search archived answers is a giant misstep. They aren't seeing with the eyes of their customer, empathizing with us, and in fact actions they are taking seem downright odd.

    It's a shame, because the product itself is awesome. Like Krishna said, their features are great, but they don't support them like they should. I love the new drag and drop email editor, the visual builder of campaign automations is actually fun.

    Brooke Browne
    Marketing Director
    Houston TX

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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