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  • 1.  KingswaySoft -Marketo sync field

    Posted Aug 16, 2019 03:21 PM
    A colleague in our sister company is adding Marketo to his instance of Dynamics 2015 On-Prem.  When you add Marketo you have to add a new field to Contacts/Opportunities/Accounts/Leads, that field is an option set with Yes/No values.  He added the field and published but all the contacts (3.5 million of them) now show "null" for the new field.  He's now using Kingswaysoft to change the "null" to either a "yes" or "no" if it meets the criteria.   The bad thing is the job has been running for a while and is only updating about 50k/hour, estimated time for contacts to update is 64 hours. Then we have the other 3 entities to run. 

    My question is - is this normal?  Should it take that long? Is there a faster way we should do this?  

    Thank you

    Tim Dailey
    Sr Marketing CRM Administrator
    Starkey Hearing Technologies
    The CRM Dude (freelance consultant)
    Eden Prairie MN

  • 2.  RE: KingswaySoft -Marketo sync field

    Posted Aug 19, 2019 02:02 AM

    Hi Tim


    I know this is usually,  99.999999% of the time, a big NO NO but seeing as you are On-Premises, this would be one of the few times that I would take the big stick directly updating the SQL database.


    Backup everything then do it with a SQL Update statement.



  • 3.  RE: KingswaySoft -Marketo sync field

    Posted Aug 19, 2019 08:30 AM

    There is a faster way, however it may not accomplish your end goal.  The likely culprit that is making this run so slow is that each update of the record triggers the Marketo Plug-in to run and evaluate the new field to determine if it should synch the record.  If you turn off the plug-ins (plug-in registration tool to disable to SDK message processing step for update) then it will likely run significantly faster however if the end goal is to have specific records synched to Marketo then disabling the plug-in will thwart that goal.  If however you discover that out of the 3.5mm records that 2.4mm should be set to NO synch and only 1.1mm to YES – then I would turn off the plug-in, run the Kingswaysoft job to update all the records that should be NO to NO, then turn back on the plug-ins and update the records that should be YES to YES.    You are doing a one-time effort here to get your marketing engine up and running, so you may want to split up the work so that it goes the quickest way possible.  Generally on work like this I would only consider shutting off plug-in execution over a weekend when activity is expected to be low from end users and the updates aren't likely to have a negative impact to their productivity.



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  • 4.  RE: KingswaySoft -Marketo sync field

    Posted Aug 19, 2019 11:22 AM
    Hey Tim,
    When you create a new bit field (2 options) it will always start as null, and you have to update it.  I like both solutions already given - if you just need to set everything to "no" to create a baseline that isn't null, I would probably use the database update.  If you do need those plugins to catch the change, then what you are doing is really your only option.  As an aside, I've recently learned that the native Marketo integration aligns itself to the Dynamics org that it's connected to and cannot be changed later.  This means that if your sister company ever decides to move to Dynamics Online, they'll have to redeploy Marketo as well to get a new Marketo org to setup the integration again.  Likely nothing to be done about it now, but something to note for the future.

    Merlin Schwaiger
    Director of Solution Design
    PowerObjects, an HCL Company
    Minneapolis MN

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