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Issue with Quick Campaign sending an email to all Contacts

  • 1.  Issue with Quick Campaign sending an email to all Contacts

    Posted May 20, 2020 10:28 AM
    We are just releasing the Quick Campaign feature to our Outside Sales team and have had two email blasts that were meant for a small group of Contacts, 10 to 12 each, get created; and instead they were sent out to our 250,000+ Contacts.  Luckily we caught both of these and stopped the emails going out to all Contacts, but not before 8,000 or so went out.  Talking to both of these Users it appears they were following the correct steps to create QC for their small group.
    In our deployment:all Contacts are able to be used by all Users for Read, Append and Append To.  The Users both stated they had gone into an Account, opened up the Contacts grid and clicked Quick Campaign and sent the campaign email out from that path.
    Has anyone else experienced this issue?  MS cannot look at our logs to verify the steps taken to cause this issue.
    If your deployment also has all Contacts available for a User to send a Quick Campaign, how does the issue of being able to send out to all Contacts get resolved?
    Is there something that can be done to restrict the number of Contacts on a Quick Campaign?
    What are the preferred methods for having the Outside Sales team able to create their own email blasts?

    Hugh Konigsmark
    Global CRM/CPQ Director
    Bray International, Inc.
    Houston TX
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Issue with Quick Campaign sending an email to all Contacts

    Posted May 21, 2020 08:10 AM
    Hi @Hugh Konigsmark

    The problem you are experiencing is not a normal D365 behavior. I just tested it on a demo instance of the latest version and could not repeat the behavior. Assuming your users are reporting the actions correctly, it is possible that you have a configuration that is causing the problem, or if you are on-premise it may be a bug that has been remedied in the online version (we are supporting a few clients with on-prem versions that have had issues specifically with marketing-oriented functionality, though not this specific issue).

    If you're trying to test it on your own, here's what I suggest:
    • Set yourself up for a safe test:
    • Use your development version of D365 so as not to create test records in production
    • If you want to test emailing, then be sure your email integration is turned off so that emails will be queued to send, but won't actually send (you can test this with a few sample records first to be certain).
    • To be totally safe, you could even have someone go and assign test email addresses to all records in development.
    • And to be triple safe you can test on a phone call activity first.
    • Now repeat the process in the environment to see if you can re-create it
    • If you can repeat the issue then work with whoever did your customizations to see if they might have caused it (unlikely), and report it to Microsoft - check to see if you have the current patches and, if not test them to see if they remedy the issue (and test them thoroughly to be sure they don't introduce other issues)

    With all of the above said, I'm not a fan of using Quick Campaigns for this type of thing for a number of reasons.
    • You've already discovered the first issue - opening this up to all users introduces the possibility of a user error that impacts every customer. You can use security roles to mitigate this to an extent.
    • This uses your Exchange server to send the emails, and doesn't include CAN-SPAM compliance. For small B2B email sends, this isn't a huge amount of legal exposure. But it does leave your Exchange server more open to being blacklisted and limiting how many of your standard business emails get through.
    • It doesn't give you as much flexibility as you'd like to have when sending and tracking emails.

    You may want to look into an digital marketing solution such as ClickDimensions or one of the several others that integrate with D365.

    Geoff Ables
    Managing Partner
    C5 Insight
    Charlotte NC

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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