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Meeting Tracking

  • 1.  Meeting Tracking

    Posted Feb 14, 2020 07:32 AM

    Hi All -

    One of our sales segments is very interested in tracking all of their sales reps' meetings and categorizing them.  We have created a Meeting Type field where they can select what type of meeting it is. They also want to be able to see any of the meetings that the sales managers and sales directors also attended. The reps, managers, and directors each have their own goals of # of meetings to attend.  The nuance that we need to solve for in the reporting/dashboards is how to show the meetings managers/directors have attended without duplicating the meeting in the system.  Most often, the sales rep will track their meeting into the system and being the owner, we can create a chart showing how many meetings by sales rep including type, etc.  How would you solve to show also how many meetings my manager/director since they would not be the owner? We don't want them to track a duplicate meeting since it would inflate the overall #s.  We discussed three possibilities:
    - adding a hashtag in the description and using advanced finds to detail it
    - advanced find based on it specific mgrs, directors were attendees​​
    - adding new field or subgrid to detail the mgr/director involvement

    Any thoughts on the best solution? Is there something else we are not thinking about.

    Appreciate everyone's expertise as always!


    David Stefanski
    Manager, Sales Enablement
    Independence Blue Cross

  • 2.  RE: Meeting Tracking

    Posted Feb 14, 2020 07:50 AM
    @David Stefanski,

    You need to look at Activity Parties.

    I can recommend reading this post by @Ulrik Carlsson ​​​​on Charting on Activity Parties as well as @Jukka Niiranen's post on Your Interaction Network in Dynamics CRM.​


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