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Products properties real functionality - Families and Bundles

  • 1.  Products properties real functionality - Families and Bundles

    Posted Jun 11, 2019 09:16 AM
    Hello all,
    I am looking into Products structure - Families and Bundles.
    I am a little disappointed with the functionality...
    • All sources state how to set them up and that they are useful for Sales...Ok, I can see that with the Bundles, but how about the families with properties...I see no clear advantages.
    • I have D365 Online CE and when I go to open a Quote/Opportunity for products that have properties required, I cannot select the property and then products get filtered, it's not like the configurator..
    • If I select the product then go to edit properties (I can't make them visible in the Quote or Opportunity line item - correct me if I am wrong)
    • I have found nothing about how they can be used later if orders integrated with ERP (inventory requirements) for example
    • Picking the pricelist and price in a product then sales person filling out properties, which may lead to different price for the product depending on the value of the property selected (one TV 32" is not the same price as 65") how does that work? Am I missing something? If the sales person is choosing the properties in the Quote, does that change the price of the item? Does that property get sent to ERP system? 

    Please pitch in and correct me if I am wrong or throw in your opinion and findings. Thank you in advance...

    Emilia Scott
    Data Architect

  • 2.  RE: Products properties real functionality - Families and Bundles

    Posted Jun 11, 2019 11:05 AM

    Hello Emilia,

    Families are very useful for properties that appears in differents products. Yet the price is on the product for a particular price list, independent of the properties.

    So in you TV exemple, you should have a different product for TV 32" and 65". Yet a TV could have other properties such as "Color" that do not impact the price. You could therefore have a family TV with property "Color", and two products TV 32" and 65" that will inherit the same property. When dealing with lots of product and properties, this is really important.

    Best Regards,

    Laurent Maneville
    N Media
    Drummondville QC

  • 3.  RE: Products properties real functionality - Families and Bundles

    Posted Jun 11, 2019 11:38 AM
    Ok, thank you for clarifying that (answered a couple of my questions), but I am still trying to see the advantage in using properties because lets say we add a product to a quote and sales person edits the properties (not visible out of the box yet). Customer accepts quote, we generate an order where properties carry with it. What happens next? How is the property used further?

    Emilia Scott
    Data Architect

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