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Mix and match Dynamics 365 and PowerApps licencses

  • 1.  Mix and match Dynamics 365 and PowerApps licencses

    Posted Jul 12, 2019 05:17 AM

    I am wondering if any of you are mixing and matching Dynamics 365 and PowerApps licenses today. In many cases, the PowerApps Plan 2 license will suffice for us. However, some of our users will need Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise license. But how does this work when you mix and match them in the same instance?

    I've been talking with Microsoft and partners, but the answers are in all directions. If any of you are mixing and matching these types of licenses, I would very much appreciate your input.

    According to the PowerApps pricing page, you can mix and match different types of Dynamics 365 and PowerApps licences:

    "You can mix and match PowerApps licenses, and licenses that include PowerApps capabilities, across the users in your organization. For example, if there are 100 users in your organization, 50 may be licensed with Office 365, 20 with Dynamics plans, 25 with PowerApps Plan 1, and 5 with PowerApps Plan 2. Compare the features in each plan to choose the mix that meets your team's or organization's needs."

    That sounds fine – but how does it work out when put it into practice? E.g. if you want to combine Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, PowerApps P2 and Team Member licenses in the same instance?


    You start your project by buying 10 Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise licenses, so you will get a Dynamics 365 CDS Instance – which is different to a Regular CDS Instance:


    The Dynamics 365 CDS Instance includes the Dynamics 365 for Sales App, which includes specific sales features such as 'Live org charts' and sales playbooks.


    Now you want to add 10 more users. However, as these users don't' need to use any of the specific sales functionality you buy 10 PowerApps Plan 2 licences. Looking at the list of restricted entities for create, update, and delete operations, only the 'Goal'-entity is listed among the specific Sales entities.

    Since you started out with a Dynamics 365 CDS Instance, with the 1st party Microsoft Sales App installed, the Live org charts feature is on by default on the Account entity. It is not possible to disable that feature using security roles. The Account entity is not listed in the restricted entities list mentioned above. In other words, the 'Live org charts' feature is now available for PowerApps Plan 2 users. The Account entity is not restricted – but are they allowed to use the Live org charts feature?

    The mix and match deployment between the Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise licenses is pretty clear in the Dynamics 365 license guide. However, how you can mix and match Dynamics 365 with PowerApps is not outlined at all in either the Dynamics 365 License Guide or the PowerApps License Guide.



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