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Opportunity - Add Questionnaire

  • 1.  Opportunity - Add Questionnaire

    Posted Dec 05, 2019 03:13 PM
    We have a requirement to create a new opportunity for a new business unit that includes a series of (lengthy) questions that requires answers (yes/no, free form text, drop down, dates, and conditional branching).  We could build as fields in the Opportunity but the questions exceed the field length limits and we are concerned about the user experience having to fill out so many fields in the opportunity.

    We are exploring other options such as utilizing forms pro either via workflow or embedded in the opportunity as well as possibly PowerApps.

    Has anyone built something similar and have any best practices to share?

    David Stefanski
    Manager, Sales Enablement
    Independence Blue Cross

  • 2.  RE: Opportunity - Add Questionnaire

    Posted Dec 06, 2019 06:58 AM

    I've successfully used cognito forms to submit survey data into CRM. It's a really powerful tool, including the ability to use nested/repeating sections.


    In our scenario we didn't need to integrate onto a CRM form as the data was coming from an external source but the form input is received by flow and then mapped into whatever CRM entity you want.


    It can also accept parameters into the URL so if you were embedding its possible you could pass the GUID of the entity onto a hidden form field and then update the entity the form was embedded on with the data.

    The other option is to embed a canvas app but I don't have any experience of that and learning curve looks a little steep to me.


    Matthew Slack
    CRM Functional Specialist
    T: 0161 953 7500  Extn: 3500

    AQA Devas Street, Manchester  M15 6EX




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