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App for Outlook: Set regarding Recurring Appointments

  • 1.  App for Outlook: Set regarding Recurring Appointments

    Posted Dec 11, 2019 01:08 PM

    Does anyone have a use case where your company needs to Set Regarding a Recurring Meeting using the App for Outlook?

    We are a professional servies organization and may have a recurring meeting with a client where different topics are discussed every other week. The App for Outlook will not allow you to simply set one appointment in the series regarding a Dynamics 365 record. You have to open the entire series and set regarding the entire series.

    After the entire appoitment is set regarding, you can not ever open just one appointment in the series to add notes and mark it complete within the App for Outlook.

    A Microsoft support engineer gave me the workaround of setting the entire series regarding a record (for us an Opportunity or Contact) using the Outlook App. Next, you have to go into D365 and there can change individual regarding records in the browser, create notes for each meeting, and close individual appointments; however, you can do absolutely none of this within Outlook itself.

    It seems like a flaw to not be able to open individual meetings from a recurring series since each meeting is different in its content.

    I would love to hear your opinions!

    Thank you,

    Mary Lauren

    #CustomerEngagement #Office365

    Mary Lauren Hughes
    CRM Administrator
    InfoWorks, Inc.
    Nashville, TN

  • 2.  RE: App for Outlook: Set regarding Recurring Appointments

    Posted Dec 15, 2019 06:20 PM
    Hi Mary, 
    You have highlighted a long standing (years) and well known issue betwen Outlook and CRM D365 'Set Regarding' function that remains unsolved by Microsoft. Good that the MS help desk are now able to offer an App workaround But still not practicle for standard sales / service type users. Outlook based Re-Occuring appointments have alway have stability issues when 'set regarded' and have worked the opposite to user's intuative needs. A Set Regarded appointment has consitsently only allowed Notes/Field Updates to be applied to All appointmenst in the series, when as you've well described each appoinetment has a discrete agenda and outcome, but cannot be recorded without overwriting all previous and future entries. Its the opposite to what is needed.
    The issue has been hghlighted to MS in the past and remains a source of frustration given Outlook is MS's chosen & premier business application and is the primary application used by sales & service staff first before thinking of D365.
    Thanks for higlihting this as I trust your post will kickstart another review by Microsoft to see if they can finally fix this, as setting and completing appoinment functionality should be the backbone & key to any CRM application    
    Michael Tate 
    Cheeetham Salt - Australia

    Michael Tate
    Sales Enablement Manager
    cheetham salt limited
    Melbourne VI

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