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Different Contact Types using same email address

  • 1.  Different Contact Types using same email address

    Posted Aug 06, 2019 03:20 AM
    There is a bit of history to this one as to why we have this "issue" but will concentrate on what we need to do.

    We have an online system that contains the following data;
    • Accounts - these can be Employers, Training Providers, Schools, Colleges.  In some cases the same account can be an Employer, a Training Provider ​and a College
    • Contacts - these can be Individual Trainees, Employer Contacts, Training Provider Contacts.  In a small number of cases the same contact can be a Trainee, the Employer Contact and the Training Provider Contact.
    • We send/receive emails with contacts
    • There is a security model that restricts Training Providers to only see their data and their Trainees
    We are returning to a normalised data structure where all contacts will be recorded as such - previously some of these were recorded in a custom entity

    Our main issue is around contacts being recorded with the same email address;
    • same contact but 3 records with same email address - 1 for the trainee, 1 for the employer contact and 1 for the training provider contact
    • different contact but same email address - where different contacts for the same company share an email address
    Our goal is to have uniqueness of email across contacts and accounts, however I dont think we can use connections to highlight the different types of contacts due to security model as users wont necessarily see the other contacts or know they exist and we do not want the same contact recorded 3 times with the same email address as every email received will be related to the 3 contacts

    Any ideas on best practice would be welcome

    #CustomerEngagement #Admin #Functional​​​

    Karen Harvey-Johnston
    Business Systems Development Manager
    Skills Development Scotland

  • 2.  RE: Different Contact Types using same email address

    Posted Aug 06, 2019 09:59 AM
    @Karen Harvey-Johnston - Have you considered setting up 3 different forms?: 1 for the Trainee, 1 for the Employer, and 1 for the Training Provider

    Forms can be tied to security roles so that the Trainee will only see the "Trainee" Contact form, and so on. This will allow you to retain 1 contact record with the 1 email address. However, each form could be unique for the needs of that role. For example, the "Trainee" form may need specific fields that only the Trainee needs to see, or have some fields "Read Only", etc. On the "Employer" form, you could have only fields the "Employer" needs to see, update, etc.

    Additionally, you can use Business Rules with the scope set to the form name. So, if you need some fields required on the "Trainee" form, but not on the "Training Provider" form, you can use Business Rules to set the field requirements.

    These are just some ideas. I'm sure others will share their thoughts.

    Aaron Back, MCSE
    Sr. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant
    CRMUG Board Member
    CRMUG Chapter Leader - Cincinnati, Ohio


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