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  • 1.  Scribe Insight and CRM

    Posted Jun 17, 2019 08:47 AM

    I've set up a XML as source and using the Dynamics 365 and CRM adapter as target

    I am trying to create Quotes in CRM which also include many quote products

    The issue i am getting is that when my DTS runs, Scribe is creating 3 separate quotes with one product in each, but it should be only one quote with 3 products inside


    Example: original quote xml data

    • Quote 1
    1. Product 1
    2. Product 2
    3. Product 3

    Actual CRM output:

    • Quote 1
    1. Product 1
    • Quote 2
    1. Product 2
    • Quote 3
    1. Product 3


    I've attached some files which I hope help!


    Thanks in advance

    Giovanni Vetere
    Westcoast Holdings Ltd


  • 2.  RE: Scribe Insight and CRM

    Posted Jun 18, 2019 03:14 PM
    It sounds like you have not setup a repeating group when completing the Publisher/Bridge.  In mine I use a stored procedure to pull a date column as GetDate(), * From my table so that I can group on this.  I then click on an element to Add Repeating Group such as the quote number in your xml.

    Here is a link to help.

    Steven Mayhue
    Lead Developer/DBA
    Stellar MLS
    Altamonte Springs FL

  • 3.  RE: Scribe Insight and CRM

    Posted Jun 19, 2019 08:02 AM
      |   view attached
    Thanks Steven for replying

    I haven't setup Publishers/Bridges - not sure what they do as im using MSMQ messages containing XML data

    However, i did setup the repeating node in my source as seen in the image attached

    Giovanni Vetere
    Westcoast Ltd

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