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CRM 365 - Business Process Flow - Dependency calculation issue

  • 1.  CRM 365 - Business Process Flow - Dependency calculation issue

    Posted Dec 02, 2019 02:46 PM
    Edited by Neha Marwaha Dec 02, 2019 02:47 PM

    I am using CRM 365 and created a business process flow for case entity. I have used branches. BPF was working fine before with both scenario mentioned below

    Scenario 1: If user select option A in stage 1 then resolve case - this Scenario is working fine
    Scenario 2: If user select option B in stage 1 then create work order (used relationship option available in BPF stage, image attached)
    After creating work order, another stage with one field get activated. It has one optionset field named "Contact FSP". I added a                          condition that if "Contact FSP" field is set to YES show next stage

    Note: I have added more conditions after each stage (when user is in work order) to show or hide next stage and everything worked as expected.

    Issue in scenario 2: Last week onward I start getting "Dependency Calculation" error (Images and error attached) when i tried to update BPF and found out conditions added after work order stage is causing this error. I removed the condition and was able to update BPF successfully, but as per business requirement I need condition to show/hide next stages.

    I checked online , "Dependency Calculation" issue happen when we miss any dependent component.

    I am not sure why suddenly I start getting this issue. My only guess is that conditions added after creating work order stage are not considering the case - work order relationship

    It will be helpful if I can get some information/suggestion to fix this issue.

    Neha Marwaha
    Programmer Analyst
    Cineplex Inc.
    Toronto ON
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